MH GLOVES SPORTS are committed to promote bee health without the use of synthetic chemicals that can leave residue in honey and the bees can become resistant to.

We promote the use of organic product that stimulate bee health and will the bees survive in the current environment, 

Probee41 is a formula that is a 100% natural herbal solution produced from oils of medical plants, aromatic plant and flower extract including thyme oil, blueberry oil, eucalyptus oil, walnut leaves extract and pine oil.

Benefits of Probee41                        






  • Increase egg laying performance of the queen
  • Strengthens the bees immune system
  • Protects bees against diseases,poisoning and prevents bee deaths
  • Protects against bacteria and parasites
  • Increased honey yiels
  • Helps control varroa
  • Contains proteins and vitamins so no other supplemets are needed

Probee41 does not leave any residue in the honey and does not contain any chemicals or synthetic substances, It has no side effects.

Probee41 can be added to sugar syrup, added to pollen patties or sprayed into the hive and onto brood frames,

Advantages of Probee41 Hive Stimulant Varroa Control:
  •  100% natural herbal solution that includes the oils of many plants including thyme and eucalyptus known to aid in the control of varroa.
  • You do not need to feed any extra supplements as this product contains all the vitamins and protein that your bees require.
  • Probee41 does not leave any residue in the honey nor does it contain any chemicals or synthetic substances.
  • Easy to apply as it can be added to sugar syrup,pollen patties or sprayed directly onto brood frames.

Amount to Feed:
  • In syrup - 1 litre of syrup to 5ml of Probee41
  • In Pollen Patties - 1 kg of pattie to 5ml of Probee41
  • By spraying on the brood frames - 250ml of Probee41 to 750ml of water
For Best results apply from spring to autumn on regular basis.

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